Company overview

Company overview

Who we are?

WIX is a leading global hi-tech provider of solutions to bioscience and molecular biology. With the stable and rapid development, WIX was accredited by ZHONGGUAN Village and awarded Hi-Tech Enterprise Certificate in the year of 2015. Driven by a commission to sound operation, ongoing innovation, and open collaboration, WIX has well established competitive portfolio of research& development center ,distribution system, specialized technical team and quality service team in the hope of creating state-of-art products and molecular biology oriented consultancy. Through the joint efforts of staff and support from Institution of high learning, WIX is dedicated to identifying customers' needs and providing solutions that fuel the win-win success since her founding. An integral part of our DNA is to preserve keen focus on molecular biology, complete project design, consulting of technical experiment and bio-informatics .

What is our company culture?

Concept: Becoming reliable bio-tech service provider and strategic partner for project solution.

Slogan: Sticking to meticulous working style and providing quality service and products.

Objective: Serving every specialist in bioscience research and medical circle.

Mission: Seeking truth from facts, serving science and technology with whole heart, more-time-spending craftsmanship.


What do we have?


Specialized R&D team

Dedicating to creating state-of-art bioscience product and service both at home and abroad. Meeting the needs of scientific research institutions and universities. Customized solution includes experimental design, operation, statistics and data analysis.


QC system with international standard

Guaranteeing the stability of product quality. Standardized technical process is established to optimize the large-scale and batch production and increase the qualification rate.


Ambitious team work

All weather and efficient service. WIX has established a powerful service team aiming at supplying customer with all-weather support. Team-building activities are conducted in order to strengthen the communication with customer and actualize the win-win progress.


What is our long-lasting goal?

WIX always spares no efforts to polish her international brand image. We are committed to provide quality product and service, co-explore the trend of development of technology with experts and favor technical support in the early and middle stage of research.